McDonald’s Hello kitty Fairy Tales Collection!

[30th May 2013 – Delayed Post]

McDonald recently released Hello kitty plush toys again! But this time, the kitties are dressed like fairy tale characters such as Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz, Little Red Riding Hood, The Frog Prince & The Ugly Duckling. There are 2 more characters, The Singing Bone and the Witch. The latter can only be obtained through McDelivery.

Not a mega huge fan of Hello Kitty but I love reading Fairy tales when I was little so naturally I was attracted to these Hello Kitty Fairytale Collection!

Got up real early on the morning of 30th May (the day McDonald start releasing the first kitty for sale) for the usual morning run before heading to the nearest 24 hour McDonald in the vicinity to have breakfast. Or should I say, to get my hands on the Hello kitty to be exact. Breakfast was just an excuse. Haha:P And so, I bought my Cowardly Lion from the Wizard Of Oz at 5am in the morning. Woohoooo~! I supposed I was that particular outlet’s first customer to get their first Hello kitty off the counter. Kiasu indeed. I’m judging myself already haha. Oh well, I feel that it’s okay to be a little kiasu in this case. There are so many Hello Kitty fans out there, any slower and you might just miss your chance of purchasing one.

With Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz!

A new Hello Kitty character is released each week and it cost $4.60 with the purchase of any Extra value meal. A little pricey considering the fact that the Hello Kitty plush toys are mass manufactured.

Mcdonald Hello Kitty Fairytales Series 2013- Wizard of Oz

Totally love how they package the Hello kitty plush toys to make it look like a book this time round! The previous Hello Kitty collection did not come in a box.

Cowardly Lion Hello Kitty

Once upon a time…

Just a little disappointed that Singapore ain’t releasing the limited edition Wisdom Owl Hello kitty that Hong Kong’s McDonald had released last year.

For those who didn’t managed to get your hands on one of the kitties, you can actually check out McDonald’s Hello Kitty Plushies Tracker to see which outlet still has stock for the particular kitty released!

Hello Kitty Plushies Tracker
[Photo Credit:

Looking forward to getting my Little Red Riding Hood Hello Kitty already! Have you gotten yours yet? :D

Update: 6/6/13

Gotten my Red riding hood kitty!:D

Update: 13/6/13

So glad I got my frog prince kitty during breakfast!:D Heard it got sold out by nightfall…

Update: 20/6/13

Ugly Duckling Hello Kitty!! The queue was mad longggg:/ One more to go to complete my collection!:D










[P.s. I have an extra Ugly Duckling kitty (Brand new & unopened) for sale. Bought it for my friend but turns out she got one for herself already:/ If you’re interested, leave a comment below with your contact details & I’ll get in touch with you soonest possible:)] Sold!

Update: 27/6/13

Singing Bone Hello Kitty!!! Delighted I managed to get my hands on this! :D :D :D











The queue for the Singing Bone kitty started very early and by the time my cousin & I reached that outlet to join the queue, there were already approximately 100+ people in front of us. This time they gave out coupons (without this, you wouldn’t be able to buy the kitties even if you’ve been queueing for the past few hours) to those in the queue. Each buyer is entitled to purchase a max. of 4 kitties with the coupon. We were SO lucky to be one of the last few to get the coupon! There was a long line of people behind us and some were mad pissed when they failed to get the coupon.

Kitty Coupon

Signs were put up soon as soon as the coupons were given out.

Look at the number of people queuing!










So glad that I managed to collect the main 5 characters! The only one missing is the witch kitty from McDelivery. My Collection would have been more complete with the witch kitty…

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2 Responses to McDonald’s Hello kitty Fairy Tales Collection!

  1. xq says:

    Hihi! Just thought this would help you!
    Selling witch kitty! (:
    Not paid to reply, just a fan who wants to collect all kitty!

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